Contact Less IoT Solutions

Fighting Covid-19 with Contact Less IoT Solutions

Being one of the leaders in providing Robotics and Automations solutions, RAAD has able to swiftly extend some of their existing products and solutions to provide efficient and cost effective Tele Health services.


These products and solutions are optimally engineered to offer contact less services by the frontline warriors, including doctors, nurses, and medical care representatives to help and serve Covid-19 patients.
TelDoc TM


TelDoc, is a Tele Hospital Platform, for delivering holistic health services (including AYUSH by Govt of India) to the patients across multiple disciplines using real time audio and video platforms. This includes

  • Tele Medicine,
  • Tele Consultation,
  • Tele Diagnostics,
  • Tele Health,
  • Tele Ambulance, and
  • Tele Drug Delivery.
MMR – Mobile Medical Robot


MMR is an extension to our existing Autonomous Mobile Platform (AMP)-100.  MMR is an IoT (Internet of Things) enabled mobile medical services delivery robot, which can help the frontline workers including doctors, nurses and medical care representatives to have minimum contact with patients and at the same time deliver the quality medical services and attention.

The three key contact less functions of this robot are:


  • Tele Presence Module: the robot has a touch screen with the ability to do video conferencing between doctors, nurses, patients and attendants.


  • Storage and Delivery racks for the delivery of necessary light weight items like
    • Food
    • Beverages
    • Medicines
    • Any other light weight goods like papers


  • UV disinfectant: the robot has the ability to disinfect the floor and other surface areas in the hospital where the patients and medical staff touch.