Employee Safety

Safety Measures for our Employees

At RAAD Systems, Employees are the backbone of our service delivery. During these testing times, their well-being is the only aim of the company and the management.


No stone was unturned in making sure each and every employee of RAAD systems is safe and healthy.


RAAD management along with key guidelines from the respective nations where we operate has implemented lockdown rules and brought changes to the working environment.
Some of the initiatives are:


  • Most of the employees are advised to “work from home”.
  • Re aligned seating arrangements to maintain minimum 6 feet distance between each employee.
  • Staggered entry into cafeteria or lunch areas to maintain social distance of minimum 6 feet.
  • 55+ aged employees are encouraged to work from home.
  • All the office floors are well equipped at prominent places with hand sanitizer dispensers and 3ply surgical facemasks.
  • Cancelled all internal in-person meetings. All meetings need to be conducted using Tele Conference platform provided by RAAD Systems.
  • All travel plans and logistics are adhered to the respective Governments guidelines.