Industrial Robotics & Automation

Total Engineering Solutions:
  • Complete product and system design including mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision, sensing, fluid handling, algorithms, motion planning, and harnessing.
  • Verticals include semiconductor equipment, industrial and mobile robotics, industrial automation, medical devices and systems, consumer products.
Custom Industrial And Autonomous Robot Design, Control, Motion Planning :
  • Semiconductor wafer handling robots.
  • Multi-axes articulated and cartesian robots.
  • Mobile and autonomous robot design.
Industrial Robots
Off The Shelf Robotics And Controls :
  • Experience with Adept, Kawasaki, Yaskawa, ABB and other such off the shelf robots.
  • Familiarity with off the shelf controls such as Delta Tau, Galil, ACS, MKS and the like.
Controls, Optimization, Motion Planning, Vision :
  • Highly proficient with all aspects of ROS.
  • Extensive familiarity with path and motion planning for standalone and mobile robots.
  • Time optimal motion planning inclusive of system dynamics, obstacles, and actuator dynamics.
  • Time optimal maneuvers for automated vehicles and mobile robots inclusive of system dynamics and constraints, tire dynamics, and obstacles.
  • Extensive experience developing vision based systems for handling, alignment and testing.